The Building Package
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1. Structural Plans

  • Structural engineering included
  • Optional architectural package gives you full permit-ready construction plans; choose between various building finishes to match your brand
Car Wash Building Structural Plans

2. Steel Frame

  • Structural steel design for architectural beauty and lasting durability
  • Marine-grade finish for harsh car wash conditions
  • Comes in any color to match your brand
Car Wash Building Steel Frame

3. Optional Light Wall

  • Turns your building into a perpetual marketing machine
  • Color show can be customized to your choosing
  • Includes LED lights and wall panels
Car Wash Building Light Wall

4. Roof

  • Translucent paneling to enhance the natural daylight effect in the tunnel
  • Light Wall colors diffuse through the roof at night
  • Available in various colors to match your brand
Car Wash Building Roof


Premier Car Wash Building


  • Wider Building footprint for spacious sites
  • 54’ wide
  • 360 degree architectural articulation
  • Spacious tunnel with a generous 28’-wide tunnel and 12’+ foot equipment room
  • Bumpouts on the tunnel for mat cleaner and vending area
Slimline Car Wash Building


  • Narrow Building footprint for smaller sites
  • 34’ wide
  • Better for smaller sites
  • Saves time, space, and money

What’s Included









Light Wall

Light Wall

What’s Not Included

Construction Team

(You’ll need your own GC and erector)

Finish Building Materials

(Your GC will source siding, doors, windows, etc)

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Express Exterior tunnel car washes. As of 2017, the express exterior car wash is the car wash industry’s fastest growing car wash type.
A: Currently, a full construction package is available in Colorado only through our partner Car Wash Construction. If you are in another state, you will need your own construction team to assist in preparing your site and building your Car Wash Building.

A: While every site is different and may require a variety of development and design professionals, you’ll need the following at a minimum:

  1. Civil engineer to provide design and engineering services for your specific site.
  2. An Architect to provide final design of both the interior and exterior of the building, as well as construction documents, according to your individual design and local code requirements.
  3. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineers to provide engineering for the various systems in the building. Typically, these engineers work under your architect.
  4. A General Contractor to oversee all elements of your construction and site preparation

Depending on your specific site, you may also need a surveyor, a soils engineer and a traffic engineer. Engaging a developer and project manager is strongly encouraged to ensure your project progresses smoothly and efficiently.

A: That question is answered in more detail on our Building Package page, but here are some common items you will need to arrange through your own construction team:

  1. Concrete work, site work, and landscaping
    2. Exterior cladding outside the building (e.g. block, stucco, metal sheeting, etc.)
    3. Interior finishing and fixtures and exterior wall infill framing. We will provide the HSS steel structure and the interior wall between the equipment room and the tunnel. All additional walls, floors, gutters, glass, windows, etc. are your responsibility.
    4. MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), conveyor system, and all washing equipment.

Architectural and MEP services provided by Car Wash Buildings may be available. For more information, contact us or read more under “The Design Process” below.

A: No. But that’s the beauty of our package. You can use any equipment manufacturer you want inside our building.

A: Yes! Our main show site in Denver, Colorado is available for tour for serious customers. Please contact our sales team to set up a time to tour the building and experience the amazement for yourself!

A: While the belt system certainly enhances the seamless beauty of the building, a Car Wash Building can be built with a traditional chain conveyor system or a belt conveyor. It does not affect the building package in any way.


A: Yes, every Car Wash Building comes with a limited 2-year warranty. This warranty includes coverage for the materials and the finishing on the HSS steel structure. However, defects due to improper installation by a 3rd party or damage caused from misuse are not covered under this warranty.

The Design Process

A: Yes! We are able to make basic modifications to our building prototype for office and storage layout, right-turn vs. left-turn entrance, and tunnel length. If you don’t want the dog washes, you can convert those into storage, office space, or additional equipment room area.

A: Yes! You have multiple choices for the color of the roof and the steel structure, as well as many possible exterior finishes for the outside of the building, creating an unlimited number of possibilities for your ultimate branding with a Car Wash Building. This is particularly helpful in many areas of the country where you may have diverse architectural and design standards to comply with in your local planning and zoning regulations.

A: Yes! Car Wash Building’s architectural firm is available to provide the architectural and engineering services for your site in many cases. Contact us for more information about using our architectural services for your planning and design needs to finish the interior and exterior of the building.

The Building Process

A: Your building package will be delivered via freight trucking. It may come in a single shipment, or staged in pieces depending on the project.

A: It depends on your erection team and how prepared and ready your site it. Erection by a skilled erection team can take as little as 1-2 weeks. Then, your General Contractor can proceed with finishing the remainder of the exterior and interior of the building.

A: It depends on your site conditions, but most likely not. In most cases, erection can be performed with a scissor lift.

Buying and Building

A: Your initial conversations with Car Wash Buildings are completely free. Once you decide to proceed to the initial design process, there will be a small cost to cover the cost of creating your plans, renderings, and documents needed for the planning process.

Once your building is approved through your local city/county and you are ready to begin construction, a 50% deposit is required to begin fabricating the steel and ordering the wall and roof. The balance will be due at shipment.

A: We believe our building offers unparalleled beauty and design at a better price than you will find anywhere in the market. Call us at (800) 994-0024 and find out for yourself!