Car Washing Is Competitive…

Your Building Can Be Too.


Premier Car Wash Building


A modern steel and glass design that illustrates cascading water, fused with a dramatic tower and light wall feature.

  • The Premier is designed for high capacity, washing as many as 150+ cars per hour
  • The tunnel equipment completes the entire wash/dry process on the exterior of the vehicle
  • Self-serve vacuums are provided for customers to clean their vehicle’s interior
  • This is currently the fastest-growing car wash type in America
Slimline Car Wash Building


A simple, sleek design with attractive and minimalist modern accent features throughout.

  • The Slimline condenses the express tunnel into a compact model designed for small sites
  • Office space, equipment room, & building width are all optimized for a smaller footprint
  • The tunnel bay width remains open and spacious for customers
  • Building can be as short as 50’, making this profile perfect for a mini tunnel on a tight site