When Creativity and Experience Converge
Car Wash Buildings: A Story of Innovation and Excellence

Our team isn’t made of just car wash operators. As multi-generational contractors and business owners, we have built over 100 car washes in the Rocky Mountain region. And we aren’t satisfied with building anything less than the very best.

That’s why—after constructing both stick-built buildings and almost every pre-manufactured car wash building on the market—we decided to gather a car wash design team and design a revolutionary building that would help usher the car wash building industry deep into 21st century design technology.

The premise was simple. Design a building that was attractive, durable, functional, and most importantly, created an unparalleled user experience for every customer.

Car Wash Buildings built their first prototype in Littleton, CO. Living Water Car Express Car Wash opened in April of 2017 and incorporated many of the cutting edge design ideals that are the signature of Car Wash Buildings. New features have been since added to the design including optional second story office space, new proprietary connections in the steel, and more.